Haroon al Rasheed

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Haroon Al-Rashid
2nd Leader of Tariqa Nisbat-E-Rasooli
Assumed office
August 28, 1960
Preceded by Pir Nazir Ahmad
Personal details
Born Mohra Sharif, British Raj
Children Muhammad Gohar Nazir Gohar, Jamal Nazir, and two daughters

Haroon Al Rashid (Urdu:پیر ہارون الرشید) (born 1935) is the leader of the Nisbat-e-Rasooli Sufi order in Mohra Sharif, Pakistan as of 1960, and is known by the honorific Pir. He gives Islamic sermons every Friday (in Mohra Sharif) and Saturday (in Islamabad). He preaches the philosophy of Nisbat-e-Rasooli.

Al-Rashid has performed the Hajj pilgrimage every year since 1960, and has over six million followers around the world[citation needed].

He has two sons, Shahzada Gohar Nazir and Shahzada Jamal Nazir, and two daughters. Gohar Nazir is the named successor (crown prince) of Mohra Sharif. The Crown Prince has two sons, Deedawar Nazir and Murad Nazir, who are currently studying. Shahzada Gohar Nazir is a doctor by education and profession. He built a free hospital in Mohra Sharif, where he sees patients daily. He wrote his first book "Arzo e Natamam" when he was in eighth grade in Aitchison College Lahore. After that he wrote two more books: Kayal Rang and Rang e Ja'n. Both are in Urdu and contain Sufi Kalam (Naats) and gazals as well.

Shahzada Jamal. Nazir was the Federal Minister for four ministries in the interim 2013 Cabinet with more than 40 departments under him. He initiated some ground breaking reforms in all his ministries. He was the Federal Minister for Religious Affairs, National Health Services, National Heritage and Integration, and National Harmony. Shahzada Jamal Nazir was also Advisor with Minister of State status for the Government of Pakistan on National Regulations and Services in 2011, 2012, and 2013. He is a lawyer by education and profession. He has a Juris Doctor and LL.M. from the Strum College of Law, University of Denver, USA. Prior to this, he obtained a master's degree in administration (MPA) and B.A. Economics from the USA. In his professional experience he has worked as lawyer/legal council for the Oil and Gas Development Corporation Limited (Pakistan), United States Bankruptcy Court (Denver, USA) and Gorsuch Kirgis law firm (Denver, USA). Currently, he is continuing legal consulting, politics and social services in Islamabad, Hazara, Pothowar, Kashmir and parts of Punjab. He is remain officially unaffiliated with any political party, but offers his services as a technocrat in the best interest of Pakistan. Recently, there is immense calling from his supporters to contest elections.