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Reinhold Glière wrote his Concerto for Harp and Orchestra in E-flat major, Op. 74, in 1938.

It lasts about 25 minutes and is in three movements:

  • I. Allegro moderato in E-flat major
  • II. Tema con variazioni in C-flat major[1]
  • III. Allegro giocoso in E-flat major

Glière sought the technical advice of the harpist Ksenia Alexandrovna Erdely (1878-1971). She made so many suggestions that he offered to credit her as co-composer, but she declined. The work was published as the work of Glière as edited by Erdely.[2][3][4]

The music is immediately accessible although it breaks no new ground in terms of compositional techniques or technical demands on the solo harpist. It combines features that are redolent of both the Viennese classical style and Russian romantic nationalism.[1]


The Harp Concerto in E-flat has been recorded a number of times:

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