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Harpsund is a manor house located in Flen Municipality, Södermanland County, Sweden. Since May 22, 1953 Harpsund has been used as a country residence for the Prime Minister of Sweden.


The oldest parts of the mansion are from the 17th century, but the main building was built first in 1914. The Estate, with its farm and forestry, was donated to the government December 27, 1952 in accordance to the industrialist Carl August Wicander's will. It was to be used as recreational estate for the Prime Minister of Sweden. The donation was approved by the Swedish parliament May 22, 1953. The estate consists of 4077 acre (16.5 km²). Some adjustments were made in the conditions of the donation, which states that, with the exception of the main building, the estate could be made available to governmental conferences. Harpsund would soon be a venue for informal summits between the government, industry and organizations of Sweden. It was called "Harpsundsdemokrati" (Harpsund Democracy). Through the years many of the world's leaders have stayed here. Especially noticed was the visit by Nikita Khrushchev, leader of the Soviet Union. It is tradition that guests at the estate take a small trip, with the Prime Minister, in the rowing boat (Harpsundsekan), a tradition introduced by Prime Minister Tage Erlander.


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