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Coat of arms

The Harrach family[1] is a Bohemian and Austro-German noble family. The Grafs (Counts) of Harrach were among the most prominent families in the Habsburg Empire.


The two main family branches come from two of Charles Harrach's sons — Rohrau, Austria (until 1886) and Jilemnice in Bohemia. Two branches were founded by Frederick August's grandsons — Ernest Christopher Joseph (d. 1838) and Ferdinand Joseph (d. 1841)[2]

  • 1195 — first mentions of family in Ranshofen monastery.
  • 14th century — owned lands in Austria, Carinthia and Styria
  • 1524 — Leonhard purchased castle Rohrau.
  • 4 January 1552 — Leonhard von Harrach received the title of Imperial Baron from Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor.
  • 6 November 1627 — Karl von Harrach, his grandson received the title of Imperial Count from Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor.
  • 1701 — Ferdinand Bonaventura I purchased Jilemnice.
  • 1708 — Aloys Thomas Raimund married Cecilia von Thannhausen and attached her surname to family name.


Prugg castle in Bruck an der Leitha

The family has owned the following properties:


Aloys Thomas Raimund Graf Harrach (1669–1742), viceroy of Naples
Auguste von Harrach, princess of Liegnitz (1800–1873), second wife of king Frederick William III of Prussia

Many of its members bear the title 'Graf' (count/earl) or 'Gräfin' (countess). Members of the family are, among others:

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  1. ^ Possibly from Czech word hrách ("pea"). First known member of the family owned definitely Slavonic name Przibislaus. Indirect evidence of pea's theory — Harrach's coat of arms with an element described in heraldry as "golden ball".
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