Harrat Rahat

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Harrat Rahat
Highest point
Elevation 1,744 m (5,722 ft)
Coordinates 23°5′0″N 39°47′0″E / 23.08333°N 39.78333°E / 23.08333; 39.78333
Location Saudi Arabia
Mountain type Volcanic field
Last eruption June to July 1256

Harrat Rahat is a volcanic lava field in Saudi Arabia. In 1256 AD a 0.5 cu km lava flow erupted from six aligned scoria cones and traveled 23 km to within 4 km of the holy city of Medina: this was its last eruption. There were earlier eruptions. It is the biggest lava field in Saudi Arabia. Nearby is the Al Wahbah crater.

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