Harri Hursti

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Harri Hursti
Born (1968-07-10) July 10, 1968 (age 50)
Helsinki,  Finland
Residence United States
Nationality Finnish
Occupation Chief technical officer
Relatives Veikko Hursti (Uncle), Heikki Hursti (Cousin)

Harri Harras Hursti (born July 10, 1968 in Helsinki, Finland) is a Finnish computer programmer[1] and former Chairman of the Board and co-founder of ROMmon[2] where he supervised in the development of the world's smallest 2 gigabit traffic analysis product that was later acquired by F-Secure Corporation.[3]

Hursti is well known for participating in the Black Box Voting[4] hack studies, along with Dr. Herbert "Hugh" Thompson. The memory card hack demonstrated in Leon County is popularly known as "the Hursti Hack". This hack was part of a series of four voting machine hacking tests organized by the nonprofit election watchdog group Black Box Voting in collaboration with the producers of HBO documentary, Hacking Democracy. The studies proved serious security flaws in the voting systems of Diebold Election Systems.

Hursti has lived in the United States since 2009.


Mr. Hursti received the EFF Pioneer Award in October 2009 with Limor "Ladyada" Fried and Carl Malamud.


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