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Harriet Anne Scott, Lady Scott (1819–1894), was a British novelist.

Scott, only daughter of Henry Shank of Castlerig and Glenniston, Fife, was born in Bombay in 1829. On 28 Nov. 1844 she married Sir James Sibbald David Scott (1814–1885), third baronet. She died at 18 Cornwall Gardens, Queen's Gate, London, on 8 April 1894.

Lady Scott, a highly accomplished woman, who should be distinguished from the contemporary novelist, Caroline Lucy Scott, Lady Scott (1784–1857), wrote eight novels; the first four were issued anonymously. Her books have been compared to those of Susan Ferrier.

The titles of the novels are:

  1. The M.P.'s Wife and the Lady Geraldine, 1838, 2 vols.
  2. The Henpecked Husband, 1847, 3 vols. (other editions 1853 and 1865)
  3. Percy, or the Old Love and the New, 1848, 3 vols.
  4. Hylton House and its Inmates, 1850, 3 vols.
  5. The Only Child: a Tale, 1852, 2 vols. (another edition 1865, in Select Library of Fiction)
  6. The Pride of Life, 1854, 2 vols.
  7. The Skeleton in the Cupboard, 1860 (2nd edit. 1861)
  8. The Dream of a Life, 1862, 3 vols.

She also contributed to the ‘Queen’ newspaper, and to various magazines, and published a small book entitled Cottagers' Comforts, and other Recipes in Knitting and Crochet. By Grandmother, 1887.