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Harriet Butler was an American tennis player of the end of the 19th century.

Notably, she won the US Women's National Championship in 1893 in women's doubles with Aline Terry.

Grand Slam finals[edit]

Doubles titles (1)[edit]

Year Championship Partner Opponents Score
1893 US National Championships United States Aline Terry United States Augusta Schultz
United States M. Stone
6-4, 6-3

Performances at Grand Slams (partial)[edit]

Although the term "Grand Slam" refers to the four major tennis tournaments, the phrase wasn't used for the first time until 1933, and was not in popular usage until the 1950s.


Year - - Wimbledon US National
1892 - - - 1st round (1/4) United States Annabella Wistar
1893 - - - 1st round (1/8) United States Augusta Schultz

Result, final opponents