Harriman Dam

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Harriman Dam is a hydroelectric dam in Windham County, Vermont in the town of Whitingham. The water from the dam flows through a penstock to a power generation plant in the adjacent town of Readsboro.

The dam was built in 1923 by the New England Power Company.[1] Some 215 feet high and 1250 feet long as its crest, it's one of the ten hydroelectric dams impounding the Deerfield River.[2] Owned and operated by TransCanada Corporation, the facility is an earthen dam with a relatively unusual concrete "morning glory" (freestanding conical drain) spillway, similar to another example at Monticello Dam in California.

Harriman Reservoir

The reservoir it creates, Harriman Reservoir, has a water surface area of 2039 acres, a maximum depth of 180 feet, and has a gross storage capacity of 117,300 acre-feet.[2]

The name comes from utility executive Henry I. Harriman, president of the New England Power Company.


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Coordinates: 42°47′37″N 72°54′53″W / 42.79360°N 72.91460°W / 42.79360; -72.91460