Harriman Glacier

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Harriman Glacier
Type tidewater glacier
Location Harriman Fjord, Anchorage and Valdez-Cordova Census Area, Alaska, U.S.
Coordinates 60°58′30″N 148°26′30″W / 60.97500°N 148.44167°W / 60.97500; -148.44167Coordinates: 60°58′30″N 148°26′30″W / 60.97500°N 148.44167°W / 60.97500; -148.44167
Length 8 miles (13 km)
Terminus Sealevel

Harriman Glacier is an 8-mile (13 km) long glacier in the U.S. state of Alaska. It trends northeast to its terminus at head of Harriman Fjord, 16 mi (26 km) northeast of Whittier, Chugach Mountains. It was named by members of the 1899 Harriman Alaska Expedition after Edward H. Harriman, who funded the expedition.[1]

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