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Harringay Racers were a British ice hockey club based in Harringay, England.

The side was founded in 1936 and initially played alongside Harringay Greyhounds at the Harringay Arena. Both sides entered the English National League, which Racers won in 1937/8. After a break during World War II, the league resumed and Harringay were champions again in 1948/9. Following Racers' championship win, Greyhounds merged with the team.

In 1954, the English National League and the Scottish National League merged to form the British National League. Racers were the first champions, but withdrew in 1958 when the Arena was sold to a foods group for use as food storage. They did not play again.

A new team named Haringey Racers was founded in 1990, playing at Alexandra Palace. It disappeared in 1992, although Haringey Greyhounds briefly adopted the name in 2002. Haringey Racers formed again in 2003/4 under the name of the London Racers in the newly formed Elite League playing their first season at Alexandra Palace and then subsequently at Lea Valley rink. In late 2006 after safety issues following an incident of the plexiglass smashing and injuring the player the rink was deemed unsafe for professional hockey. With nowhere to play, the London Racers withdrew from competition and folded.

From 2013-14 season, the Racers are under the ownership of Dave Richards, Jr, playing in the EIHA National Ice Hockey League South, Division 2 East.


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