Harringay Racers (speedway)

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Harringay Racers
Harringay car badge.jpg
Harringay Racers Car Badge
Club information
Track address Harringay Stadium
Green Lanes
Country England
Founded 1929
Closed 1954
League National League
Club facts
Colours Blue and Yellow
Track size 333 yards (304 m)
Major team honours
London Cup Winners 1935
Anniversary Cup Winners 1948
National Trophy Winners 1952
Coronation Cup Winners 1953

The Harringay Racers were a motorcycle speedway team who raced at the Harringay Stadium from 1947 until 1954 in the National League Division One.[1]

Australian Vic Duggan was the top man in the league for a few years. His brother Ray raced with him until his death in a track accident in Australia. Split Waterman, signed from Wembley, took on the mantle of top scorer. Jack Biggs had a couple of spells with Racers sandwiching a time at Bradford.

The track was used for one-off meetings in 1958, 1960 and 1961.

Speedway was also in operation before the war. The Racers were the third of three speedway teams to be based at Harringay From 1928 to 1931 the "Harringay Canaries" were based there. From 1934 to 1939, the team was the Harringay Tigers. Racing ceased during World War II. The stadium reopened on the 4th April 1947 at which point the team were revived as the Harringay Racers.[2]

Notable Harringay riders[edit]


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