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Harris & Harris Group, Inc.
Industry Venture Capital
Founded 1981
Founder Charles Harris
Headquarters New York, NY, United States
Products Asset Management
Number of employees
Website www.hhvc.com

Harris & Harris Group is a publicly traded venture capital firm which invests in nanotechnology companies. Harris & Harris Group was incorporated in 1981, and it completed an initial public offering (IPO) in 1983.

Throughout its history, Harris & Harris Group made over 90 investments. Over 60 of these investments have generated realized returns of approximately $160 million on cumulative invested capital of approximately $92 million.[citation needed]

In 2011, five of Harris & Harris Group’s portfolio companies completed liquidity events including two IPOs (Solazyme and NeoPhotonics) and three sale transactions (BioVex Group to Amgen, Innovalight to DuPont and Crystal IS to Asahi Kasei).

In July 2013, portfolio company Xradia was acquired by Carl Zeiss.

Other investments include Nantero,[1] Nanosys, Kovio, and Ensemble Therapeutics.


On March 15, 2005, management concluded that the previously issued consolidated financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2002 should no longer be relied upon was restated because of computational errors in Consolidated Statements of Operations.[2]


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