Harris Mowbray

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Harris Mowbray
Born(1999-10-03)3 October 1999
Alma materAmerican University
OccupationComputational linguist
Known forWork on Braille for world languages

Harris Mowbray (/ˈhæ.ɹɪs ˈmoʊ.breɪ/; born 1999) is an amateur linguist and programmer from the United States. He is notable for creating several proposals to encode minority languages around the world in Braille.

Early life[edit]

Harris was born in New York City to Michele Madansky, a marketing research consultant who, at the time, served as an executive at Yahoo and Travis Mowbray, a clinical trials manager. He was raised in the Silicon Valley. His maternal grandfather was statistician Albert Madansky.[1] He is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent.


Harris began by making Braille for the Gagauz language[2] and the Sorbian language.[3][4][5] He was widely featured in Polish press for his Kashubian Braille proposal.[6][7][8][9] His Braille alphabets' proposals have been accepted for the Livonian language, Fulani language,[10] and Lakota language. He also created a manual alphabet (sign language alphabet) for the Fulani language, based on the Adlam script.[10] In March 2021, Harris Mowbray prepared a Braille proposal for two official languages of the US Northern Mariana Islands, Chamorro and Carolinian[11][12] In mid-2021, the Udi community of Azerbaijan accepted his proposal for Braille in their language.[13] Mowbray also helped digitize Georgian Braille. [14][15]

In late 2021, Harris developed Braille for the First Nations language Smalgyax spoken in northern British Columbia,[16] the Elfdalian language,[17] and the Rusyn language.[18]

By early 2022, Harris had collaborated with the World Uyghur Congress to create braille for the Uyghur language with the support of other researchers.[19] He also worked with the Khoekhoegowab speaking community of Namibia to develop Braille for their language's orthography.[20]

Harris successfully worked with the Samogitian speaking community of Lithuania in order to create a braille standard for their language in late 2022.[21] In 2023 he worked with Crimean Tatars in Ukraine to develop Braille for their Latin alphabet.[22]

Personal life[edit]

Harris attended The American University in Washington, D.C., the city where he resides today[23]


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