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Harrods Estates
Private company
Industry Real estate
Founded 1897 (London)
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Services Estate agency
Website www.harrodsestates.com

Harrods Estates is a London-based estate agent which offer services for buying, renting and managing property. Harrods Estates was started in 1897 and has expanded gradually since then. In 2005 a second office was opened in Mayfair then in 2013 a third office opened in Chelsea. In May 2015 a fourth office opened in Kensington Church Street.[1]


Harrods Estates, part of the Harrods group[2] (Harrods, Harrods Aviation, Air Harrods, Harrods Bank and Harrods Corporate Services), were founded in 1897 and occupied a discreet position on the ground floor of the main Harrods building before moving three times between 1904 and 1908 as the team expanded in size from two employees to 20.[3]

In 1919 the office moved across the road to 62-64 Brompton Road and provided an additional Auction Hall in the floor above, but in 1944 the office suffered a direct strike by a V-I Flying Bomb also known as a 'doodlebug' which demolished the building.[4] However, close to 300,000 packets of papers survived and a temporary move to the Wholesale office on Hans Crescent meant not a single day of work was lost.[5]

Harrods Estates relocated its headquarters two more times to Basil Street then Park Lane, London [6] before making their last move in 2001 when they returned to Brompton Road, this time number 82 - giving them a location directly opposite the main store and just yards from their original premises.[citation needed]


Harrods Estates specialise in prime central London properties. They currently have four offices located in Knightsbridge, Mayfair, Chelsea and Kensington which serve those areas [7]

  • Residential Sales
  • Residential Lettings
  • Developments
  • Property Management
  • Asset Management
  • Russian Desk[8] - providing a translation service
  • Middle Eastern Desk[9] - providing a translation service

Clients can be referred to additional relevant services offered by Harrods, including:

  • The Studio[10] - Harrods Interior Design service.
  • By Appointment[11] - a personal shopping service provided within Harrods by advance booking only.


Between 1937 and 1980, Harrods Estates opened in a further six locations which have since closed, four within the UK and two international offices.[12]

In 2005 it opened a second office at 61 Park Lane, Mayfair which remains today.[13]

2013 saw the launch of a third office, located in Chelsea, London.[14]

2015 saw further expansion with a fourth office at Kensington Church Street, Kensington, London [15][16]

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