Harrodsburg Limestone

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Harrodsburg Limestone
Stratigraphic range: Mississippian
Type Formation
Region Indiana, Kentucky
Country United States
Type section
Named for Harrodsburg, Indiana
Named by T. C. Hopkins and C. E. Siebenthal in 1897

The Harrodsburg Limestone is a geologic formation, a member of the Sanders Group of Indiana Limestone, of Mississippian age. It was named for Harrodsburg, Indiana in southern Monroe County, Indiana by T. C. Hopkins and C. E. Siebenthal ("The Bedford Oolitic Limestone of Indiana" - 1897). It is made up primarily of calcarenite and calcirudite. It also may include some dolomite and shale.

Harrodsburg Limestone is found throughout the part of the Illinois Basin running through southern Indiana.

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