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Original author(s)Lee Hambley
Developer(s)Lee Hambley, Dario Hamidi, Kyle Welsby, Paul Schyska
Preview release
beta [1] / March 2, 2015
Written inGo

Harrow is a DevOps tool developed by the team that maintains Capistrano. It is a web-based hosted SaaS that extends the usefulness of Capistrano, and this style of tooling, to optimize it for centralized collaborations. It is built to run tests, builds, deployments, sanity checks, Cron type jobs, and anything in between using secure web-based containers.

Harrow is available as a cloud solution[buzzword], as a private cloud solution[buzzword], or as a virtual machine package (KVM) that can be run on one's own infrastructure. Harrow is a JSON API with both a Javascript single-page-application (SPA) client, and a cross platform Go-lang command line client.


Harrow was founded in 2014,[2] by Lee Hambley and the Hamburg-based entrepreneurs, Joe Tonne and Hannes Fehr; Lee Hambley is the maintainer of Capistrano, a popular Ruby on Rails deployment tool, that counts more than 12 million downloads.

It was officially launched and trademarked in September 2015,[3] and is backed by business angel MenschDanke Capital GmbH,[4] and investor Dwight Cribb.[5]


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