Harrow District High School

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Harrow District High School
Box 29, 45 Wellington Street
Harrow, Ontario, N0R 1G0

Harrow District High School was located in Harrow, Ontario and is Canada's most southern high school. It has a population of about 350 students. The high school contains students from grades 7-12. The school's 100th anniversary was celebrated in 2004. The school's mascot is Harry Hawk. Their colours are blue and white. Every year they hold an annual Iron Hawk to help those suffering from mental health.

The school was closed after the 2015/2016 school year.

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Hawks goalie in 2014.

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Hawks player in 2014.

Coordinates: 42°01′56″N 82°55′09″W / 42.03222°N 82.9191°W / 42.03222; -82.9191