Harry & Lena

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Harry and Lena
Harry Belafonte and Lena Horne - Harry & Lena.jpg
Studio album by Harry Belafonte and Lena Horne
Released 1970
Recorded 1970
Label RCA Records
Producer Chiz Schultz
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Harry & Lena is a 1970 studio album by Harry Belafonte and Lena Horne.[1] In 1970 Belafonte Enterprises Production, recorded a television special for ABC featuring Harry Belafonte and Lena Horne as double billed artists. The hour special titled Harry & Lena, For The Love Life first aired on March 22, 1970, featuring solo and duet performances. Later in year the main sponsor of the show, Fabergé, made this studio recording of songs featured and performed in the television special available as a limited edition collectors item.[2] The album was originally available only by mail order and was not sold in record stores. The album has not been reissued on CD.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Walk A Mile In My Shoes" (Joe South) Duet Harry Belafonte and Lena Horne
  2. "My Old Man" (Jerry Jeff Walker) Harry Belafonte
  3. "It's Always Somewhere Else" (Jake Holmes) Lena Horne
  4. "In My Life" (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) Lena Horne
  5. "The Ghetto" (Homer Banks, Bettye Crutcher, Bonnie Bramlett) Harry Belafonte
  6. "Brown Baby" (Oscar Brown, Jr.) Lena Horne
  7. "Down on the Corner" (John Fogerty) Harry Belafonte
  8. "Subway to the Country" (David Ackles) Harry Belafonte
  9. "Measure the Valleys" (Robert Brittan, Judd Woldin) Lena Horne
  10. "Love Story (You and Me)" (Randy Newman) Duet Harry Belafonte and Lena Horne
  11. "I Want to Be Happy" (Vincent Youmans, Irving Caesar) Lena Horne
  12. "The First Time Ever" (Ewan MacColl) Duet Harry Belafonte and Lena Horne
  13. "Don't it Make You Wanna Go Home" (South) Duet Harry Belafonte and Lena Horne
  14. "Abraham, Martin and John" (Dick Holler) Harry Belafonte




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