Harry Blamires

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Harry Blamires
HB York 1998 2.jpg
Harry Blamires 1998
Born (1916-11-06)6 November 1916
Yorkshire, England
Died 21 November 2017(2017-11-21) (aged 101)
Occupation Anglican theologian, literary critic, and novelist
Genre Fantasy, Philosophy

Harry Blamires (6 November 1916 − 21 November 2017[1]) was an Anglican theologian, literary critic, and novelist. Blamires was once head of the English department at King Alfred's College (now University of Winchester) in Winchester, England. He started writing in the late 1940s at the encouragement of his friend and mentor C. S. Lewis, who had been his tutor at Oxford University, where he graduated from University College.[2]

Blamires married Nancy Bowles in 1940, and they had five sons.[2] He turned 100 in November 2016.[3]

His best known works are The Christian Mind: How Should a Christian Think? and The Bloomsday Book. The Bloomsday Book is a guide to James Joyce's Ulysses. It was first published in 1966 and revised in 1988 and 1996 (The New Bloomsday Book); it continues to help readers of Joyce's best-known work to this day. The Christian Mind has been used as a textbook at hundreds of bible colleges and seminaries around the world. Blamires was also the author of A Short History of English Literature (1974; 2nd edition, 1984), A History of Literary Criticism (1991) and four books on the use of English including The Penguin Guide To Plain English (2000).

He died on 21 November 2017, aged 101 years and 15 days.[1]


  • The Devil's Hunting Grounds (1954, 1st novel of trilogy)
  • Cold War in Hell (1955, 2nd novel of trilogy)
  • Blessing Unbounded: A Vision (1955, 3rd novel of trilogy)
  • Highway to Heaven (1955, 3rd novel of trilogy)
  • The Faith and Modern Error (1956)
  • The Christian Mind ISBN 1-57383-323-1
  • Where Do We Stand
  • The Post-Christian Mind
  • On Christian Truth
  • The Bloomsday Book (A guide through Joyce's Ulysses) ISBN 0-203-13747-7
  • Word Unheard (A guide through Eliot's Four Quartets)
  • Milton's Creation (A guide through Milton's Paradise Lost) (1971)
  • The Will and the Way (A Study of Divine Providence and Vocation) (1957)
  • The Tyranny of Time: A Defence of Dogmatism (1965)
  • Recovering the Christian Mind: Meeting the Challenge of Secularism (1988)
  • The Queen's English (1995)
  • The Penguin Guide To Plain English (2000)
  • A Short History Of English Literature (1974, 1984)
  • Twentieth-Century English Literature (1982)
  • A History Of Literary Criticism (1991)


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