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Harry C. J. Phillips, AM, FACE (born Subiaco, 2 February 1943), is a leading political and civic education advocate and political commentator in Western Australia. He has extensive teaching and lecturing experience in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in political and civic education and has published widely in these fields, as well as sport, particularly tennis. Phillips's commitment to civics stems from his youth at Hyden Primary School, and his Alma Mater, Hale School.

Currently in 2018 Phillips is an Honorary Professor at Edith Cowan University and an Adjunct Professor at Curtin University in Western Australia. He is also a Parliamentary Fellow (Education) at the Parliament of Western Australia and is a Fellow of the Australian College of Educators (FACE). He holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Australia and Curtin University and a Master of Arts and PhD in Political Science from the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada. He has a Teachers' Certificate from Graylands Teachers College and a Teachers' Higher Certificate from the Education Department of Western Australia. Following more than 30 years as a lecturer at Edith Cowan University an inscription was placed in the University path of honour which read: Dr Harry C. J. Phillips, ‘An inspirational lecturer and mentor: Respected political commentator; Your wisdom and kindness lives on in us.’ In October 2013 Phillips was awarded the prestigious Australian College of Educators State Medal for Western Australia. This was in recognition of an 'outstanding contribution to education'. Memberships of advisory boards and committees held by Phillips include the Constitutional Centre of Western Australia,[1] and Chair of the Constitutional Centre’s Civics and Citizenship Reference Group for Civic Education Agencies in Western Australia. The agencies include the Western Australian Parliament, the Western Australian Electoral Commission and the Francis Burt Legal Education Centre. He is Member of the Post-Compulsory Education Politics and Law Course Study Assessment, Review and Moderation Panel for the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (with membership of the Politics and Law Course Committees for the previous Board of Secondary Education and the Curriculum Council). In 2009 he was presented with a Certificate of Recognition 'For Making an outstanding contribution to the Curriculum Council as Chief Examiner, Chief Marker and Syllabus committee member in Political and Legal Studies for more than 30 years'. At the Parliament of Western Australia he is a member of the Parliamentary History Advisory Committee and the Parliamentary Education Advisory Committee. In 2012 Phillips was a member of the Australian Curriculum Assessment Reporting Authority (ACARA) Advisory Panel for the National Curriculum 'Shape Paper in Civics and Citizenship'. Then in 2013 he was subsequently made a Member of the ACARA Advisory Committee for the formulation of the National Curriculum in Civics and Citizenship.

In addition Phillips has also had strong links with sport in Western Australia. Previously he played some A grade cricket for the Subiaco Cricket Club and 3 league games for the Subiaco Football Club, for which since 2005 he has been a Vice Patron. His association with tennis has been extensive. In 1995 he received a Grand Slam Award for services to Tennis West. Then in 2013 he had a tennis court named after him at his home Reabold Tennis Club with the inscription 'in recognition and appreciation of his dedication and expertise in researching and documenting the history of both Reabold Tennis Club and Tennis West'.

Phillips's wife Jan Phillips, MEd, was a pre-primary teacher at Penrhos College for 23 years. Elder daughter Michelle has two daughters Madeline and Charlotte; and younger daughter Marina, and husband Adam, have two children Harry and Poppy.


• Phillips has a wealth of publications in politics, with focus on parliament and electoral matters and political and civic education. In addition he has authored major works in sport, with particular focus on Western Australian.

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