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Harry Escott (born 9 September 1976) is a British composer living in London. He has composed the scores to several films including Shame, Hard Candy and A Mighty Heart.[1] He scored Eran Creevy's 2nd feature film, the action thriller Welcome to the Punch which was executive produced by Ridley Scott and had its cinematic release in 2013. This was the second time he had worked with Creevy, having scored the director's debut feature, Shifty, for which he received a BIFA nomination in 2008.

Escott's recent television credits include BBC One dramas What Remains (TV series) and River (TV series), and upcoming thriller series for Fox Networks, Deep State (TV Series). He has scored films for Michael Winterbottom (The Face of an Angel), Paddy Considine (Journeyman) and Clio Barnard (The Arbor, The Selfish Giant (2013 film), Dark River). His most recent score for Clio Barnard, Dark River, included a song co-written with PJ Harvey, An Acre of Land,[2] released on Cognitive Shift Recordings. Regularly he works with the psybient group Shpongle.

He studied music at the Royal College of Music and Somerville College, Oxford.[3][4]



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