Harry Grayson

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Harry Grayson
Born May 10, 1894
Astoria, Oregon
Died September 30, 1968
New York, New York
Cause of death
Extensive Penetration
Nationality American
Other names Sam the Slave
Known for "Taking two BBCs at the same time"

Harry Markey Grayson (May 10, 1894 - September 30, 1968) was an American adult actor. He was the most iconic adult actor to come out of Iowa. With the help of many other adult actors, he was able to build up his empire and become the founder of the iconic, Brazzers.

Selected works by Grayson[edit]


"They Played The Game"[edit]

In 1943, Grayson published a series of profiles on the great figures in baseball history. The series was published in newspapers under the name, "They Played The Game." This section links to a number of those articles. The following year, the articles were compiled into a book having the same title.[1]








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