Harry Landers

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Harry Landers
Harry Landers Bettye Ackerman Ben Casey 1961.JPG
Landers as Ted Hoffman with Bettye Ackerman as Maggie Graham in Ben Casey.
Born Harry Sorokin
(1921-09-03) September 3, 1921 (age 95)
New York City, New York, United States
Occupation Actor
Years active 1947–1991

Harry Landers (born Harry Sorokin; September 3, 1921) is an American character actor. He was born in New York City, New York.

Early life & career[edit]

Harry Landers was born on September 3, 1921, in New York City, to parents Jacob and Rose (née Landes) Sorokin, who were immigrants from Russia. He was the third-oldest out of six children. Jacob abandoned the family early on in Harry's life.

He began his career as a worker at the Warner Bros. studio in California, doing menial tasks in the early 1940s. An encounter with actress Bette Davis led to a membership of Screen Actors Guild and an acting career. He started out as an extra and was largely uncredited. He studied at the Actors Lab, known for its left-wing political affiliation.

Landers is known for being the spokesman for Taster's Choice coffee in television commercials which aired in the 1960s and 1970s.

He had a regular role as Dr. Ted Hoffman, sidekick to Vince Edwards' TV doctor, Ben Casey, in the 1960s series of that name. He also had a small role in the Alfred Hitchcock film Rear Window (1954) and a supporting role as Dr. Arthur Coleman in the final episode of the original Star Trek television series, "Turnabout Intruder", first screened in 1969. He played multiple roles in Cecil DeMille's epic The Ten Commandments (1956).


Year Title Role
1947 Kiss of Death Convict
1949 C-Man Owney Shor
1950 Guilty Bystander Bert
Undercover Girl Tully Mertz Vista
1951 Mister Universe Henchman
1953 Phantom from Space Lt. Bowers
Jack Slade Danton Son
The Wild One GoGo
1954 Drive a Crooked Road Ralph
Prisoner of War Lieutenant
About Mrs. Leslie Soldier
Return from the Sea Quartermaster McGivern
Rear Window Guest of Miss Lonelyhearts
1955 The Cobweb Intern
1956 The Ten Commandments Architect's assistant/Hebrew at Rameses' gate
The Indian Fighter Grey Wolf/Captain Trask Attaché
The Black Whip Fiddler
1957 Mister Cory Andy
The Walter Winchell File "The Candlestick" - Major Daley
1959 Up Periscope Adams
1960 The Gallant Hours Capt. Joseph Foss
1968 In Enemy Country Pilot
Massacre Harbor Col. 'Spic' Landers USA
1969 Charro! Heff
1990 Hollywood Heartbreak Hotel Chuck Starrman
1991 Mom Bartender
Ragin' Cajun Lacy


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