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Harry Lee Poe is the Charles Colson Chair of Faith and Culture at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee, and author of a number of books.

He is an indirect descendant of the family of Edgar Allan Poe,[1] and president of the Poe Foundation.[2][3] He was the director of the Poe writers conference in 2007.[4]

His Book "Edgar Allan Poe: An Illustrated Companion to His Tell-Tale Stories" won the Edgar Award for 2009 in the category best critical/biographical. The same book received an Agatha nomination for best non-fiction book.[5]


  • The Fruit of Christ's Presence (1990) ISBN 0-8054-6012-8
  • The Gospel and Its Meaning: A Theology for Evangelism and Church Growth (1996) ISBN 0-310-20172-1
  • Science and Faith: An Evangelical Dialogue [Co-author] (2000) ISBN 0-8054-2142-4
  • Christian Witness in a Postmodern World (2001) ISBN 0-687-04931-8
  • Designer Universe: Intelligent Design and the Existence of God [Co-authored with Jimmy H Davis] (2002) ISBN 0-8054-2447-4
  • Christianity in the Academy: Teaching at the Intersection of Faith and Learning (2004) ISBN 0-8010-2723-3
  • C. S. Lewis Remembered: Collected Reflections of Students, Friends & Colleagues ISBN 0-310-26509-6
  • See No Evil: The Existence of Sin in an Age of Relativism (2004) ISBN 0-8254-3371-1
  • What God Knows: Time and the Question of Divine Knowledge (2005) ISBN 1-932792-12-0
  • Meditations on the good, the true, and the beautiful (2008) ISBN 0-8272-1252-6
  • The Inklings of Oxford : a pictorial account (2008) ISBN 0-310-28503-8
  • Chance or dance : an evaluation of design (2008) ISBN 1-59947-133-7
  • Edgar Allan Poe: An Illustrated Companion to His Tell-Tale Stories (2008) ISBN 1-4351-0469-2 NOTE: This title won the 2009 Edgar award in the category best critical/biographical.
  • God and the Cosmos: Divine Activity in Space, Time and History [co-authored with Jimmy H Davis] (2012) ISBN 0-8308-3954-2
  • Evermore: Edgar Allan Poe and the Mystery of the Universe (2012) ISBN 1-6025-8322-6


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