Scratch Perverts

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Scratch Perverts
The Scratch Perverts 2008.JPG
Prime Cuts, Plus One and Tony Vegas at BUSC, April 2008
Background information
Origin London
Genres Electronica
Drum & Bass
Hip Hop
Years active 1996–present
Members Prime Cuts
Tony Vegas
Past members Plus One
Mr Thing
Harry Love
Killa Kela
First Rate

The Scratch Perverts are a collective of turntablist DJs from London, formed in 1996 by Tony Vegas, Prime Cuts and DJ Renegade.


The team won the first DMC Team championships in 1999, claiming it again in the 'Perverted Allies' alias (a fusion of the Perverts and the Allies DJ crews). Additionally Prime Cuts won 2 consecutive ITF World Scratching titles, first beating A-Trak in Hawaii in 1999 and then defending the title in Los Angeles the following year. Plus One won the Vestax battle in 2000, after a hiatus of 10 years. Their technical contributions include the 'feedback' technique, inspired by Jimi Hendrix.

They have now retired from competition and gone on to regular live DJing, touring and holding a residency at Fabric in London. They have also gone on to produce their own music.

Harry Love[edit]

Harry Love is an English hip hop record producer and DJ from Laylow, Ladbroke Grove, London.[citation needed] He has produced beats for artists such as Jehst, Verb T, and Klashnekoff.[1][2][3][4] He was a member of the Scratch Perverts in the 1990s.[5]

DJ Hero & DJ Hero 2[edit]

The group were contributing artists in the Activision music game, DJ Hero,[6] contributing a DJ setlist in the game which includes 5 tracks, and for the game's sequel which included 2 mixes from the group.


Mix CDs[edit]


  • Come Get It with Time Scratch Perverts Records (Limited edition Promotional copy) (25 October 2004)
  • Stand By Supercharged Records (2007)

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