Harry Markland Molson

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Harry Markland Molson
Born (1856-08-09)9 August 1856
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Died April 15, 1912(1912-04-15) (aged 55)
RMS Titanic, Atlantic Ocean
Nationality Canadian
Occupation Politician and Entrepreneur
Known for RMS Titanic sinking

Harry Markland Molson (August 9, 1856 – April 15, 1912) was a Canadian politician and entrepreneur. He was Mayor of Dorval, Quebec; Governor of Montreal General Hospital, and on the board of directors for the Molson Bank. He was a victim of the Titanic sinking on April 15, 1912.[1]

He was born August 9, 1856, son of William Markland Molson (1833–1913) and Helen Augusta Converse (1834–1919), at Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Although Harry Molson was not a prominent member of the influential branch of the Molson family, he serendipitously inherited his fortune from his childless uncle, John Henry Robinson Molson (1826–1897), who was former owner of Molson Brewery and President of Molson Bank (1889–1897).[2]

Harry Molson went to England for business in February 1912, and had booked passage to return to Canada at the end of March on the ocean liner, Tunisian. Molson was persuaded by fellow businessman, Major Arthur Peuchen, to extend his stay in England and sail home with him on Titanic's maiden voyage.

Molson was last seen aboard Titanic, removing his shoes and planning to swim to a ship's light he claimed he saw off the port bow. His body was never recovered.[3]

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