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Producer/Director and expert in live television sport/special events, Harry Michaels, in France, July 2013

Harry Michaels is a successful Australian Greek-Cypriot entrepreneur, active in both the television industry and the sport of football (soccer).

He was recognised In 2004 with an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) with services to "multicultural media" and "Soccer (football)" cited.[1]

Michaels pioneered English-language ethnic television, as host of Greek Affair[2] and The Greek Variety Show which were broadcast on Network 10 in the 1980s.[3]

He is also a former actor, who shot to fame in the late 1970s for his role as Giovani Lenzi in the iconic Australian TV series Number 96.

Michaels is also passionate about football (soccer) personally funding some of Australia's most memorable events in the sport and launching several takeover bids for clubs in the national competition then known as the NSL.

But Michaels is probably best known for his work behind the scenes in television, where he has developed a reputation as an expert in live television sport and special events.

Has been involved in the companies Harry Michaels Productions and zer0-1-zer0, later known as Silk Studios, which was acquired in December 2014 by American television industry powerhouse, NEP Inc.

Acting and hosting credits[edit]

Harry Michaels is first cousins with businessman Con Constantine, owner of Parklea markets.

Producer credits[edit]

Director credits[edit]

  • 2006 – Australia v Greece,
  • 2005 – Australia v Iraq, Australia v Solomon Islands, Australia v Indonesia,
  • 2002 – UEFA Cup in Greece: Aek v Inter Milan,
  • 1998 – Australia v Iran (Logie Award winning), Australia v Uruguay 2006 World Cup Qualifier
  • 1993 – World Youth Championships (directed & produced)
  • 1986–1996 – Australian National Soccer League
  • 2010–2011 – Sky News "The Nation" and "Australian Agenda"


His wife, Effie Michaels, was one of the aerobics demonstrators on the Aerobics Oz Style television series. His daughter Natalie Michaels was once a presenter on the Sky News 'Showbiz' program Foxtel.


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