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Items relating to Gilderoy Lockhart on display while the exhibition was in Paris.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition is a traveling exhibition of props, costumes, and other artefacts from the creation of the Harry Potter film series. The exhibition originally opened in April 2009 at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Illinois, United States.[1] Since its initial opening, the exhibition has been shown around the world and continues to tour.


Warner Bros. Consumer Products, a division of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (the studio which produced the film series), created the exhibition in partnership with Exhibitgroup/Giltspur[1] (which later merged with GES Exposition Services).[2][3]


The exhibition features props, costumes, and other artifacts from the creation of the Harry Potter film series.[4] Among the items on display are Harry Potter's wand and eyeglasses. Also featured are film sets, such the Great Hall and Gryffindor Common Room from the fictional school Hogwarts, which is a major setting in the Wizarding World.[1][5]

Beginning in 2016, some artefacts from the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film series have also been included.[6]


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