Harry Pussy

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Harry Pussy
Harrypussy trio.jpg
Harry Pussy, January 1997
Background information
Origin Miami, Florida, United States
Genres noise rock, experimental rock, punk rock
Years active 1992–1997
Labels Siltbreeze
Past members Adris Hoyos
Bill Orcutt
Dan Hosker
Mark Feehan
Ian Steinberg

Harry Pussy was a noise rock band from Miami, active from 1992 to 1997. The main members were Bill Orcutt on guitar and vocals and Adris Hoyos on drums and vocals. Other members included briefly Ian Steinberg on accordion, and later either Mark Feehan or Dan Hosker on second guitar. They recorded primarily for the Siltbreeze label.

The often violent and sexually charged music of Harry Pussy is still well-regarded and highly influential in the noise and noise rock scenes. Bill Orcutt's guitar playing was almost exclusively atonal, and performed on a four-string guitar. Adris Hoyos' unrestricted, freeform vocalisations and drumming have been noted as an influence by Chris Corsano[1] and by Heather Leigh Murray of Charalambides.[2]

Following the dissolution of Harry Pussy, Hoyos began playing sporadically in improv groups and Orcutt focused on film-making. Bill Orcutt started playing live and releasing albums again in 2009. He collaborated with the drummer Paul Hession at the Colour of Space festival[3] and released both an untitled 7" and an LP, A New Way To Pay Old Debts.[4]



  • Harry Pussy (1993, Siltbreeze) LP
  • Ride a Dove (1996, Siltbreeze) LP/CD
  • Untitled (1997, no label) LP (nicknamed Fuck You and/or Tour)
  • Live at Salon Zwerge (1998, Blackbean & Placenta) one sided LP
  • Live Fuck Love Songs (1998, Infinite Egg) LP
  • Live (1998, Cherry Smash) 10" - Note: final show, Churchill's, Miami 5/5/97
  • Let's Build a Pussy (1998, Blackbean & Placenta) 2XLP

Singles and EP's[edit]

  • Untitled (1993, Esync) 7"
  • Untitled (1993, Esync) 7"
  • Please Don't Come Back from the Moon b/w Nazi USA (1994, Blackjack) 7"
  • Untitled (a.k.a. Miami Style) (1994, Planet) 7"
  • Split w/ Noggin (1994, Chocolate Monk) 7"
  • Zero de Conduite (1995, Audible Hiss) 2x7"
  • Black Ghost (1996, Siltbreeze) one sided 7"
  • Split w/ Bunny Brains (1996, Brutarian) 7" -same material as track one on Bill Orcutt Solo CD
  • Split w/ Frosty (1998, Menlo Park) 7"
  • Split w/ Pelt (1998, Klang) 7"
  • Chuck +1 b/w Mandolin (1998, De Stijl) 7" -credited as Radiation Nation/Toxic Drunks does not say Harry Pussy on record-
  • Wreck Small Cocks on Expensive Pussies collaboration w/Cock E.S.P. (1998, Freedom From) Lathe cut 8" edition of 30

Cassette tape[edit]

  • Vigilance (1993, Chocolate Monk)


  • Live Fuck Love Songs (1998, Hell's Half Halo) VHS


  • Music Generated by Geographical Seclusion and Beer (1993, Esync)
  • What was Music? (1996, Siltbreeze) CD compiles first LP early 7" and compilation tracks
  • Bulb/Blackjack Split No. 2 7" (1996, Bulb Records/Blackjack Records) Track - "Orphans (live in CA)"
  • Bananafish Mag. No. 9 7" - Track "rehearsing the white improviser"
  • Cool Beans Mag. No. 6 7" - NOTE-Same material as track 5 on Frog 7"
  • Whump Mag. No. 1 2X7 - Track "psychokiller (pt.s 1 & 2)"
  • KAOS Theory (1997, Cottlestone Pie)
  • KSPC: the Basement Tapes Volume 2 Live Underground - Track "Nazi USA" (1997,KSPC) CD
  • Prayer Is the Answer (1998, 777 was 666)
  • RRR-500 Lock Grooves (1998, RRRecords) 12"
  • Tarot or Aorta: Memories of a PRE Festival (2003, Smack Shire) CD
  • You'll Never Play This Town Again (2008, Load) CD compiles Tour LP, Live 10" and various singles.


  • Live on WNUR
  • Final Recording Session, Atlanta-3/5/97
  • Radiation Nation: Harry Pussy Live in Austin, Texas 1997


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