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Harry Ralston is an American-born screenwriter, director and producer.[1]

After working in advertising in New York and then as a journalist covering bullfights for the Mexico City News, he moved to Los Angeles and wrote and directed the 2000 film The Last Man[2] with Jeri Ryan in her first starring role, and produced the 1999 Tamara Hernandez film Men Cry Bullets.[3] Men Cry Bullets won SXSW and five other festivals[4] and was released later that year.[5][6] The Last Man won Best Film in the Festival of Fantastic Films in London[7] as well a Lumière Award in the New Orleans Film Festival.[8] It was released by Lion's Gate.[9] He most recently[when?] co-wrote the MGM film Mexicali with Roger Avary, Cristian Gudegast & Paul Scheuring and Patrick Kelly.[10]


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