Harry Sunderland Trophy

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Harry Sunderland Trophy
Harry Sunderland
Given forGrand Final
man of the match
CountryUnited Kingdom
Presented byRFL
First award1965

The Harry Sunderland Trophy is awarded annually to the man of the match in the Super League Grand Final. Named after Harry Sunderland, who was an Australian rugby league football administrator in both Australia and the United Kingdom, the Trophy was first awarded in the Rugby Football League Championship Final of the 1964–65 season following Sunderland's death.[1][2] After the 1972–73 season the play-off system was dropped as the League went to two divisions. The Trophy's use was continued in the Rugby League Premiership and Super League Premiership finals until Super League III, when a play-off system was re-introduced to determine the Champions through the Grand Final.

The trophy's winner is determined by the Rugby League Writers' Association and presented on the field immediately following the conclusion of the match. In 2011, Rob Burrow of Leeds Rhinos became the first player to achieve the unanimous votes of all 37 judges when winning the award.[3]


Season Awarded in Recipient Team
1964-65 Championship Final Terry Fogerty Faxcolours.svg Halifax
1965-66 Albert Halsall Saintscolours.svg St. Helens
1966-67 Ray Owen Wcatscolours.svg Wakefield Trinity
1967-68 Gary Cooper Wcatscolours.svg Wakefield Trinity
1968-69 Bev Risman Rhinoscolours.svg Leeds
1969-70 Frank Myler Saintscolours.svg St. Helens
1970-71 Bill Ashurst Wigancolours.svg Wigan
1971-72 Terry Clawson Rhinoscolours.svg Leeds
1972-73 Mike Stephenson Ramscolours.svg Dewsbury
1973-74 Premiership Final Barry Philbin Wolvescolours.svg Warrington
1974-75 Mel Mason Rhinoscolours.svg Leeds
1975-76 George Nicholls Saintscolours.svg St. Helens
1976-77 Geoff Pimblett Saintscolours.svg St. Helens
1977-78 Bob Haigh Bullscolours.svg Bradford Northern
1978-79 Kevin Dick Rhinoscolours.svg Leeds
1979-80 Mal Aspey Widnes colours.svg Widnes
1980-81 Len Casey HKRcolours.svg Hull Kingston Rovers
1981-82 Mick Burke Widnes colours.svg Widnes
1982-83 Tony Myler Widnes colours.svg Widnes
1983-84 John Dorahy HKRcolours.svg Hull Kingston Rovers
1984-85 Harry Pinner Saintscolours.svg St. Helens
1985-86 Les Boyd Wolvescolours.svg Warrington
1987 Joe Lydon Wigancolours.svg Wigan
1987-88 David Hulme Widnes colours.svg Widnes
1988-89 Alan Tait Widnes colours.svg Widnes
1989-90 Alan Tait Widnes colours.svg Widnes
1990-91 Greg Mackey Hullcolours.svg Hull
1991-92 Andy Platt Wigancolours.svg Wigan
1992-93 Chris Joynt Saintscolours.svg St. Helens
1993-94 Sam Panapa Wigancolours.svg Wigan
1995 Kris Radlinski Wigancolours.svg Wigan
1996 Andrew Farrell Wigancolours.svg Wigan
1997 Andrew Farrell Wigancolours.svg Wigan
1998 Grand Final Jason Robinson Wigancolours.svg Wigan
1999 Henry Paul Bullscolours.svg Bradford
2000 Chris Joynt Saintscolours.svg St. Helens
2001 Michael Withers Bullscolours.svg Bradford
2002 Paul Deacon Bullscolours.svg Bradford
2003 Stuart Reardon Bullscolours.svg Bradford
2004 Matt Diskin Rhinoscolours.svg Leeds
2005 Leon Pryce Bullscolours.svg Bradford
2006 Paul Wellens Saintscolours.svg St. Helens
2007 Rob Burrow Rhinoscolours.svg Leeds
2008 Lee Smith Rhinoscolours.svg Leeds
2009 Kevin Sinfield Rhinoscolours.svg Leeds
2010 Thomas Leuluai Wigancolours.svg Wigan
2011 Rob Burrow Rhinoscolours.svg Leeds
2012 Kevin Sinfield Rhinoscolours.svg Leeds
2013 Blake Green Wigancolours.svg Wigan
2014 James Roby Saintscolours.svg St. Helens
2015 Danny McGuire Rhinoscolours.svg Leeds
2016 Liam Farrell Wigancolours.svg Wigan
2017 Danny McGuire Rhinoscolours.svg Leeds
2018 Stefan Ratchford Wolvescolours.svg Warrington

† = denotes a player who won the trophy but played on the losing team in the final.

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