Hart-Montague Trail State Park

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Hart-Montague Trail State Park
Map showing the location of Hart-Montague Trail State Park
Map showing the location of Hart-Montague Trail State Park
Location within the state of Michigan
Location Lower Peninsula, Muskegon County, Oceana County, Michigan USA
Nearest city New Era, Michigan
Coordinates 43°33′00″N 86°20′34″W / 43.55°N 86.342778°W / 43.55; -86.342778Coordinates: 43°33′00″N 86°20′34″W / 43.55°N 86.342778°W / 43.55; -86.342778
Established 1991
Governing body
Length 22 mi (35 km)
Trailheads Hart, Michigan
Montague, Michigan
Use Cycling, Hiking, Snow-mobiling, XC skiing
Trail difficulty Easy
Season All
Website Official site

Hart-Montague Trail State Park is a linear state park in Michigan that consists of a bicycle trail running from the city of Montague in Muskegon County to the city of Hart in Oceana County. Recognizing its potential, Bill Field of Shelby purchased the former railroad and donated it for trail use to the State of Michigan.[1] Opened in 1991 and officially adopted as a Rails to Trails park in 1996, it was one of the first "Rails to Trails" projects in the State of Michigan. Its success paved the way for more trails throughout the state and Midwest. The trail's total length was previously 22 miles (35 km); however continuous expansions have increased that length in recent years with the hope of linking it to other trails throughout Western Michigan. A number of local businesses, such as restaurants and ice cream parlors, in the towns along the trail have posted small, discreet signage near the trail to attract cycling visitors who might not otherwise ever notice the little shops in the intervening small municipalities.[2] A whimsically themed ice cream / dairy bar in New Era, roughly halfway along the trail, is often mentioned by trail visitors, although there are also a number of others spread along the trail. There is a bicycle shop for repairs on Water Street in Montague in the south, as well as a bike rental shop on Silver Lake Rd in Mears near the northern end of the trail.


Waypoints for the Hart-Montague Trail.[3] ↑ in the Distance column points to the other waypoint that the distance is between.

Location Services Distance
Hart, Michigan Parking, Restroom 43°41′21″N 86°22′22″W / 43.68919°N 86.37276°W / 43.68919; -86.37276 (Hart, Michigan Waypoint)
Mears, Michigan ↑ 2.5 miles (4.0 km) 43°40′39″N 86°25′07″W / 43.67742°N 86.4185°W / 43.67742; -86.4185 (Mears, Michigan Waypoint)
Shelby, Michigan Drinking Fountain, Parking, Restroom ↑ 5.3 miles (8.5 km) 43°36′42″N 86°21′54″W / 43.61178°N 86.36496°W / 43.61178; -86.36496 (Shelby, Michigan Waypoint)
New Era, Michigan Drinking Fountain, Parking, Restroom ↑ 3.8 miles (6.1 km) 43°33′35″N 86°20′42″W / 43.55969°N 86.34496°W / 43.55969; -86.34496 (New Era, Michigan Waypoint)
Rothbury, Michigan Drinking Fountain, Restroom ↑ 3.9 miles (6.3 km) 43°30′12″N 86°20′40″W / 43.50338°N 86.34441°W / 43.50338; -86.34441 (Rothbury, Michigan Waypoint)
Montague, Michigan Drinking Fountain, Parking, Restroom ↑ 6 miles (10 km) 43°25′01″N 86°21′10″W / 43.41703°N 86.35268°W / 43.41703; -86.35268 (Montague, Michigan Waypoint)


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