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Hart & Cooley, Inc
Industry HVAC
Founded 1901
Founder Howard Hart and Norman Cooley
Headquarters Grand Rapids, Michigan
Key people
Al Mejia (President)http://www.hartandcooley.com/articles/hart-cooley-announces-new-vice-president

Johnson Controls[1]

Johnson Controls
Parent JCI
Website www.hartandcooleyinc.com

Hart & Cooley, Inc. is an HVAC manufacturing company with plants in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Their slogan is "Install Confidence." The home office for Hart & Cooley is in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Hart & Cooley manufactures residential and commercial products including grilles,[2] registers and diffusers, duct system components, flexible air duct, type-b gas vent, chimneys, chimney liners, roof flashings and access doors.[3]


Howard Hart and Norman Cooley established the Hart & Cooley Manufacturing Company in New Britain, Connecticut in 1901. This new company became the first in the nation to manufacture warm-air registers from stamped steel. In the 1920s Hart & Cooley, Inc. made the move to Holland, Michigan, which would be the company's headquarters for almost 90 years.

During World War II, it became commonplace for many American companies to assist in production to help national efforts overseas. Hart & Cooley, Inc. ceased production of HVAC material in favor of electrical shipboard boxes and mortar shells. Production returned to normal by the end of the war.

In the second half of the century, Hart & Cooley expanded into many other products lines, including Type-B vent for gas-fired appliances, all-fuel chimney systems and flexible air ducting. Hart & Cooley Inc. celebrated its centennial anniversary in June 2001, and 6 years later moved its headquarters to Grand Rapids, MI, 30 miles northeast of Holland.[4][5][6]


Hart & Cooley, Inc. has acquired several brands in the last two decades, which include Selkirk, Portals Plus, Lima, Ward Industries, Roof Products and Systems, Milcor, and AMPCO.


Hart & Cooley, Inc. has distribution centers and manufacturing facilities across North America.


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