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Hart Tree in the Redwood Mountain Grove.
Hart Tree

The Hart tree is a named Giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) tree within the Redwood Mountain Grove,[1] in the Sierra Nevada and Fresno County, California.[2] The Redwood Mountain Grove is protected within Kings Canyon National Park and the Giant Sequoia National Monument.


It was once claimed to be the fourth largest Giant sequoia in the world, but is now considered the 24th largest. Its has a volume of around 980 cubic metres (35,000 cu ft). The nearby Roosevelt tree is the largest tree in the grove, with a volume of over 1,000 cubic metres (35,000 cu ft).[3]

The tree was named for Michael Hart, who discovered it sometime around 1880.[3]

Redwood Mountain Grove is the largest grove of Giant sequoias in the world, and is the location of the tallest one of the species on earth at 311 feet (95 m) (unnamed).


Height above base[3] 277.9 ft 84.7 m
Circumference at ground[3] 75.3 ft 23.0 m
Diameter 4.5 ft (1.4 m) above height point on ground[3] 21.3 ft 6.5 m
Diameter 60 ft (18 m) above base[3] 14.4 ft 4.4 m
Diameter 120 ft (37 m) above base[3] 12.9 ft 3.9 m
Diameter 180 ft (55 m) above base[3] 11.3 ft 3.4 m
Estimated bole volume[3] 34,407 cu ft 974 m3
Hart Tree's trunk.

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Coordinates: 36°41′43″N 118°53′28″W / 36.6952236°N 118.8912155°W / 36.6952236; -118.8912155