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First issue of the revamped Harta magazine featuring a original illustration
CategoriesSeinen manga
FrequencyTen issues per year
First issueOctober 14, 2008 (as Fellows!)
February 13, 2013 (as Harta)

Harta (ハルタ, Haruta) is a Japanese seinen manga magazine published by Enterbrain. Created in 2008, the magazine was originally called Fellows! and was publish with a frequency of publication of two months. In December 2012, Enterbrain announced a revamp on the magazine beginning with its February issue in 2013 with the publication changing its name of Fellows! to Harta and also changing its frequency from bimonthly to ten issues per year from February to August and then October to December.[1] The name is inspired by Indonesian word "Harta", which means treasure.[2]

Unlike many of the manga magazines in Japan in which the cover features a series currently serialized on the magazine, every issue since the magazine was still called Fellows! is an original illustration by different artists, with this heritage continuing with the change for Harta.

Serialized titles[edit]


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