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Hartblei is a Ukrainian manufacturer of optical equipment for photography based in Kiev. They are primarily known for producing tilt-shift lenses (Super-Rotator). Taking lens designs produced by Kiev-Arsenal they modify these into tilt and shift designs of their own. They also produce modified versions of the Kiev-Arsenal cameras.

In 2006 Hartblei started a collaboration with Carl Zeiss AG, adapting Zeiss lens designs for tilt-shift use.


Using the unique Super-Rotator design, Hartblei tilt-shift lenses are capable of tilting in any axis,[1] making it more flexible than other lenses such as the Canon TS-E 90mm lens.

Hartblei Super-Rotator lenses are 360° tilt-shift lenses manufactured in Ukraine. Some current versions of the Super-Rotator feature German-made Carl Zeiss optics.

  • Hartblei optics
    • 35 mm f/2.8 MC TS-PC Super-Rotator
    • 45 mm f/3.5 MC TS-PC Super-Rotator
    • 65 mm f/3.5 MC TS-PC Super-Rotator
    • 80 mm f/2.8 MC TS-PC Super-Rotator
    • 120 mm f/2.8 MC TS-PC Super-Rotator
  • "Optics by Carl Zeiss"
    • 40 mm f/4 IF TS Super-Rotator
    • 80 mm f/2,8 TS Super-Rotator
    • 120 mm f/4 TS Macro Super-Rotator

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