Hartham Weir

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Hartham Weir shortly after rebuilding
Hartham Weir after heavy rain
Hartham Weir during flood

Hartham Weir (also known colloquially as Two-step Weir) is a small weir on the River Lea next to confluence of the River Beane/Lea, on the edge of Hartham Common, Hertford, England.


The weir was installed to let the river travel over a main sewer pipe.


It is commonly frequented by Herts Canoe Club and local anglers.

2008 rebuild[edit]

The weir was demolished and rebuilt in 2008, due to erosion and wear on the old structure.

Local MP, Mark Prisk and Herts Canoe Club re-opened the weir in a ceremony on Saturday, 25 October 2008.[1]

Old Weir Gallery[edit]


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Coordinates: 51°48′11″N 0°04′20″W / 51.80309°N 0.07235°W / 51.80309; -0.07235