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Hartland, elevation 922 feet (281 meters), is an unincorporated community in McHenry County, Illinois, United States.


The historical center of the community is found on Nelson Road (County Highway A-28), immediately east of the Union Pacific Railroad, which traverses the area on a northwest-southeast angle. The junction of Hartland Road (County Highway T-68) is found a short distance west of this grade crossing. In terms of geographic coordinates, the community is located at 42°21′49″N 88°30′26″W / 42.36361°N 88.50722°W / 42.36361; -88.50722 (42.3636315, -88.5073165)[1] In terms of the Public Land Survey System, Hartland is located near the midpoint of the dividing line between Sections 22 and 23, Township 45 North, Range 6 East of the Third Principal Meridian. The heart of the old community is on the Section 23 side of the line.[2] Hartland is served by the Woodstock, Illinois 60098 post office.

Points of interest[edit]

In addition to the rustic buildings of the old town, Hartland is home to the Hartland Township facility, 15813 Nelson Road; the McHenry County Division of Transportation office, 16111 Nelson Road; and the Valley Hi, County Nursing Home, 2406 Hartland Road.[3]

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