Hartland, North Dakota

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Ghost town
Country United States
State North Dakota
County Ward
Time zone Central (CST)

Hartland is a ghost town in Ward County, North Dakota, United States, in the west of Carpio and north of Berthold.

"Hartland, N.D." article in Hartland Newspaper states "Hartland in 1912--Hartland was a small village established in 1907 in Sec. 30 of Carpio Township. A local resident, Martin D. Johnson is credited with naming the village for his birthplace, Hartland Township in Worth County, Iowa. Buildings in the Village of Hartland in 1912 were a Machinery & Implement Building, Blacksmith Shop, Pool Hall, General Store, Bank, Hardware Store, Lumber Yard, M.D. Johnson home, Iver Canton Home. Livery & Feed Stable, later Vedvig Garage), Grocery Store & Post Office, Hotel, An Office, Zion Lutheran Church, One-Room School house", and several private homes.

The post office of Hartland was established on March 23, 1908. Ward County folklore says that the name was meant to show the town as the heart of the area. The elevation is 2091, and the peak population of 150 was claimed in 1920, but by 1940 the population was less than 100 an eventually, and in 2000 a population of less than 10. The post office closed May 6, 1966.

Grocery store building was moved from Foxholm, Ward County, North Dakota to Hartland, later turned into a residence and then moved to Berthold, North Dakota where it is still lived in.

Zion Congregation of the Synod for Speaking Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church of America was organized March 1, 1903 at the homestead of Jens Erickson. Church building constructed in 1910 on a lot secured from M.D. Johnson. Last services held in 1969. Church building moved to Kenmare Pioneer Park in 1972.


Remains old roads, ruins of houses, some intact buildings (grain elevator on the south side of the townsite).


Coordinates: 48°23′58″N 101°49′14″W / 48.39944°N 101.82056°W / 48.39944; -101.82056