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Hartmut may refer to:

  • Hartmut Bagger (born 1938), retired German general of the Bundeswehr
  • Hartmut Becker (born 1938), German actor
  • Hartmut Boockmann (1934–1998), German historian and researcher in medieval history
  • Hartmut Briesenick (born 1949), East German athlete, mainly men's shot put
  • Hartmut Büttner, German politician (German Christian Democratic Union)
  • Hartmut Dresia, German politician (German Christian Democratic Union)
  • Hartmut Elsenhans (born 1941), German political scientist, professor at the Universität Leipzig
  • Hartmut Engels, German politician (German Christian Democratic Union)
  • Hartmut Erbse (1915–2004), German classical philologist
  • Hartmut Esslinger (born 1944), German-American industrial designer
  • Hartmut Fähndrich (born 1944), German-Arabic translator
  • Hartmut Faust (born 1965), West German sprint canoeist
  • Hartmut Fromm (born 1950), retired German football defender
  • Hartmut Geerken (born 1939), German musician, composer, writer, journalist, playwright, and filmmaker
  • Hartmut Gründler (1930–1977), German teacher who burned himself out of protest
  • Hartmut Haenchen (born 1943), German orchestra conductor
  • Hartmut Hamerich, German politician (German Christian Democratic Union)
  • Hartmut Heidemann (born 1941), retired German football player
  • Hartmut Heinrich (born 1952), German marine geologist and climatologist
  • Hartmut Honka, German politician (German Christian Democratic Union)
  • Hartmut Jahreiß, German astronomer associated with Astronomisches Rechen-Institut
  • Hartmut Jürgens (born 1955), German mathematician
  • Hartmut Kallmann (1896–1978), German physicist
  • Hartmut Konschal (born 1953), German football coach and a former player
  • Hartmut Krüger (born 1953), former East German handball player
  • Hartmut Lutz, professor of American and Canadian studies at the University of Greifswald, Germany
  • Hartmut Möllring, German politician (German Christian Democratic Union)
  • Hartmut Mehdorn (born 1942), German manager and current CEO of Deutsche Bahn AG
  • Hartmut Michel, German biochemist and Nobel Laureate
  • Hartmut Nassauer (born 1942), German politician and Member of the European Parliament for Hesse
  • Hartmut Neugebauer (born 1941), German actor, voice actor and dialogue director from Poznań, Poland
  • Hartmut Neven (born 1964), scientist working in computational neurobiology, robotics and computer vision
  • Hartmut Ostrowski (born 1958), CEO of Bertelsmann AG
  • Hartmut Perschau, German politician (German Christian Democratic Union)
  • Hartmut Pilch (born 1963), founded the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure or FFII
  • Hartmut Schade (born 1954), former football player, who won the 1976 Summer Olympics
  • Hartmut Schairer (1916–1942), highly decorated Hauptmann in the Luftwaffe during World War II
  • Hartmut Schreiber (born 1944), German rower
  • Hartmut Stegemann (1933–2005), German theologian, specialized in Dead Sea Scrolls research
  • Hartmut Surmann (born 1963), Senior Researcher and Scientist at the IAIS
  • Hartmut Weber (born 1960), retired West German sprinter who specialized in the 400 metres
  • Hartmut Wekerle (born 1944), German medical scientist and neurobiologist
  • Hartmut Wenzel (born 1947), German rower
  • Hartmut Winkler (born 1953), Professor at the University of Paderborn in Germany
  • Hartmut Zinser (born 1944), German scholar in religious studies, history of religions, and ethnology

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  • 1531 Hartmut (1938 SH), a Main-belt Asteroid discovered in 1938