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Hartosh Singh Bal at the Press Club of India in New Delhi.

Hartosh Singh Bal is currently the political editor of The Caravan magazine.[1][2][3] Bal was the political editor of OPEN magazine when OPEN first brought to public attention the existence of the Radia tapes.[4]


Bal has co-written a novel called A Certain Ambiguity which won the 2007 Association of American Publishers award for the best professional/scholarly book in mathematics. Bal went on to write another book--"Waters close over us"—which is partly a travelogue featuring Bal's travels on the Narmada river, and partly a sociological, political, artistic, historical, and anthropological commentary on the culture of this region. [5] [6][7][8]

Fired from OPEN magazine[edit]

In November 2013, Bal was controversially fired from his position of political editor of OPEN magazine.[9] In an interview, OPEN's former Editor Manu Joseph revealed that the magazine's proprietor, Sanjiv Goenka, had told Joseph that Bal's views, expressed in his writings and in television appearances, were resulting in him "making a lot of... political enemies."[10] Citing several incidents, including the controversial firing of Bal, a July 2014 editorial in the New York Times commented:

Press censorship seems to be back with a vengeance in India, this time imposed not by direct government fiat but by powerful private owners and politicians.[11]


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