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Hartvig Marcus Lassen (9 August 1824 – 9 August 1897) was a Norwegian editor and literary historian.

Personal life[edit]

He was born in Bergen as a son of police chief and burgomaster Albert Lassen (1783–1860) and his wife Abigael Vogt Monrad (1792–1861). He was a nephew of Lars Monrad and Christian Lassen. He did not marry.[1]


He edited the magazines Skilling-Magazin from 1857 to 1891, Folkevennen from 1868 to 1897 and Folkebladet from 1891 to 1896. He was also known for publishing the complete works of Henrik Wergeland, in nine volumes between 1852 and 1857. In 1866 he issued the biography Henrik Wergeland og hans Samtid.[2] This was the first Wergeland biography. Lassen portrayed Wergeland as a wordsmith first and foremost, not as a liberal political figure.[3]

Lassen died in August 1897 in Kristiania.[1]


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