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Harumi Miyako (都 はるみ, Miyako Harumi, born 22 February 1948) is a Japanese singer of enka.

Born Harumi Kitamura (北村春美, Kitamura Harumi) and Rhee Chun-mi (李春美) in Kyoto, she made her debut in 1964. Her popularity has lasted: she makes frequent appearances in the annual television spectacular Kōhaku Uta Gassen and has acted in a number of films.

Further reading[edit]

  • (in Japanese) Miyako Harumi. Messēji (メッセージ) / The Message. Tokyo: Juritsusha, 2006. ISBN 4-901769-41-3 About half this book consists of quotations from interviews with Miyako, and the other half of color photographs by Hiroh Kikai. Despite the English alternative title, the text is all in Japanese.