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HarvardScience was a comprehensive, link-rich website featuring news and information about all things relating to science at Harvard University.[1]

Launched in late October, 2007, HarvardScience is home to a seven-year-old, 1,200 article repository of stories about research by Harvard Scientists, and articles are being added to the site on a daily basis. In addition to "Breaking News" and "Other News" categories, the site carries original feature articles - running from about 900 to over 3,000 words - in "Work In Progress", "Life in Science", and "In the Field" categories.

HarvardScience, also includes a Directory of HarvardScience, which includes the most comprehensive listings ever compiled of Harvard University scientists,[2] links to Harvard's affiliated hospitals, listings of departments, programs, centers, and institutes, and a list of topics under which stories are filed.


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