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Box office and entrance of Harvard Exit Theatre

The Harvard Exit Theatre was a cinema located in Seattle, Washington. It was housed in a building built in 1925 by the Woman's Century Club,[1][2] which still meets there at midday on the third Friday of the month.[3] The building was sold in 1968 on the condition that the lobby not be altered, which it has not been to this day.[3] In that same year it was converted into a cinema by Jim Osteen and Art Bernstein,[4][5] and reports began to surface that the building was haunted by a woman in 1920s garb.[1][2][6] However, reports ceased in 1987.[2] The theatre was owned by O'Steen & Harvard Investments[7] and operated by Landmark Theaters [8] until 2015, when developer Scott Shapiro purchased the building for conversion to an office and restaurant space.[9] The Consulate of Mexico planned to move into leased space in the building,[10] and the consulate opened circa July 2018.[11][12]


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