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The Harvard Gender and Sexuality Caucus (HGSC) is an American non-profit organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Harvard University and Radcliffe College alumni/ae, faculty, staff and students.[1] Before 2013 the name of the organization was the Harvard Gay and Lesbian Caucus (HGLC). [2]

In 2009 members and supporters of the HGSC funded an LGBT studies endowed professorship at Harvard, believed to be the first of its kind in the United States.[3][4][5]

Formed in 1984 to pressure Harvard University to include sexual orientation in its non-discrimination policy,[1] the HGLC's influence resulted in the President and Fellows of Harvard College's 1985 creation of a new University-wide anti-discrimination policy that included discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.[1] After lobbying from the HGLC, in 1993 Harvard began to offer benefits to the same-sex partners of its employees.[1]

The HGLC notes its current purposes to include advocating "a non-discriminatory and diverse academic, living and working environment at Harvard" and maintaining and expanding a network of LGBT alumni/ae.[1] The organization also awards an annual HGLC Public Service Fellowship, and honors Harvard affiliates for contributions to the LGBT community.[1]

In June 2009, Harvard announced that it will establish an endowed chair in LGBT studies called the F. O. Matthiessen Visiting Professorship of Gender and Sexuality, funded by a $1.5 million donation from the members and supporters of the Harvard Gay & Lesbian Caucus.[3][4][5][6] Believing the post to be "the first professorship of its kind in the country," Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust called it “an important milestone.”[3][4][5]


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