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Harvard International Review
HIR cover.jpg
Winter 2011 Issue
Type Quarterly newsmagazine
Format Magazine
Publisher Harvard International Relations Council
Editor-in-chief Ashley Collins & Mahnoor Khan
Founded 1979
Language English
Headquarters 59 Shepard St. #205
Cambridge, MA 02138
United States
Circulation 30,000[1]
ISSN 0739-1854
Website hir.harvard.edu

The Harvard International Review is a quarterly journal and website of international relations published by the Harvard International Relations Council at Harvard University. The 'HIR' offers commentary on global developments in politics, economics, business, science, technology, and culture, as well as interviews with prominent global leaders and reviews of books and documentaries.


According to its mission statement, "The HIR features underappreciated topics in the international affairs discourse and underappreciated perspectives on more widely discussed topics. The HIR aims to serve as a trend-setter among similar publications by directing rather than following the public’s attention." In its aim to "cover that middle ground between academic scholarship and journalism", the HIR is more a source of analysis than a source of news or editorial commentary.[2]

The magazine is composed of the following sections: Features, Perspectives, World in Review, Global Notebook, Interviews, Books & Reviews, and Conferences. The website features exclusive content and active blogs on current events.[3]



The HIR was founded in 1979 by a group of undergraduate students in the Harvard International Relations Council,[4] both allowing students to write analysis on foreign affairs in an academic and journalistic forum, and inviting contributions from prominent figures in international relations. It was initially published monthly, but underwent a number of format changes, including establishing a strong web presence with a regularly-updated blog and other original online content.

As the magazine has grown in reputation, it has featured contributions from a number of established scholars and policymakers from around the world, including Nelson Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi, Jeffrey Sachs, Paul Krugman, Amartya Sen, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Ban Ki-moon, Benazir Bhutto, Al Gore, Kofi Annan, and The Dalai Lama. The most recent edition of the magazine, from Fall 2013, features an article by South African president Jacob Zuma and an interview with former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.[5]

Notable alumni[edit]

Notable Harvard alumni to have been staff members of the Harvard International Review include Philip A. Brimmer, Bernard Hebda, Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty, Simpsons writer Jeff Martin, Robert McCord, Marc Rotenberg, Phillip Steck, John Weston, M. Edward Whelan III, Stephen A. Higginson, and David Laibson.


The HIR is a widely distributed journal across the United States and around the world in more than 77 countries, boasting a readership of over 30,000.[6] It remains totally managed and edited by undergraduate students, and the organization is still an increasingly popular and innovative organization on campus.


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