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Harvest Rain is the musical project of Jason Thompkins. Born and raised in South Carolina, Thompkins attempts to capture a spiritual dimension of the South in Harvest Rain's music. It has been labeled as neofolk music. Members include Axel Frank of the German neofolk group Werkraum and also Jamey Thompkins, Jason's younger brother. American painter and musician Tor Lundvall has contributed artwork to two Harvest Rain releases, and also collaborated on the track 'Night Chorus' released on the album of the same name. Matt Howden also plays guest violin for the first two tracks of their demo A Frost Comes with the Wind.

The music of Harvest Rain often has a ghostly quality while the lyrics are hallucinatory in nature. Subjects deal with ghosts, death, the dark history of the South, Hyperborea/Thule, dawn, lanterns, cornfields and various other themes of the supernatural. Harvest Rain dedicated their The Land of Tears is So Mysterious release to Esoteric Hitlerism figure Miguel Serrano.


  • A Frost Comes with the Wind (2002) – demo/CD
  • Security of Ignorance (2002) – 10"x12" (White Marbled vinyl)
  • Evening and Devotion (2004) – 7"
  • Night Chorus (2005) - CD
  • Songs from Evening (2005) – CD-R
  • Night's Glow (2006) - Digipack CD
  • Blood Hymns (2007)
  • The Land of Tears is so Mysterious (2010) - CD with 16 Page Booklet of Arctic Photography and Lyrics

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