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Bayeux Tapestry Horses in Battle of Hastings.jpg
The Battle of Hastings as depicted by the Bayeux Tapestry
Region of originEngland
MeaningBattle worthy, blazing iron
Other names
Variant(s)Hervey, Hervie, Harvie

Harvey is an English family and given name derived from the Old Breton name Huiarnviu, derived from the elements hoiarn, huiarn (modern Breton houarn) meaning "iron" and viu (Breton bev) meaning "blazing".[1] It is related to Old Welsh Haarnbiu and Henry.[1]

Harvey emerged as a family name in the English county of Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.[citation needed]


  • Harvey brothers, family of cricketers from Fitzroy, inner-city Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    • Merv Harvey (1918–1995), played one Test for Australia in January 1947 and captained Victoria five times
    • Mick Harvey (umpire) (born 1921), played for Victoria and Queensland, later became a Test umpire
    • Ray Harvey (born 1926), played for Victoria
    • Neil Harvey (born 1928), played 79 Tests for Australia, member of the Australian Cricket Hall of Fame




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In fiction[edit]

  • Harvey the 6' 3½" tall rabbit, appearing in:

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